Rugby Betting

Whilst the rugby betting markets certainly don’t live up to that of football, tennis or NFL, they are on the up and have seen a decent amount of growth in recent years. Just taking the Rugby World Cup for example has seen an increase of over $100 million to be traded compared to the same tournament just eight years ago.

There’s no doubt that the pinnacle of the sport comes in the form of the World Cup. Similarly to football, it’s run every four years with the hosts being chosen by a ballot from a panel of top rugby executives. The betting markets for the World Cup are run like very few other sports. As there is no real prize money for the eventual winners, the ‘powers that be’ for each country are allowed to place wagers on their team with respected bookmakers. Obviously players and non playing staff members are strictly prohibited from betting on any of the matches, even if not involved, but the governing bodies see the opportunities as an insurance policy and reward for their teams success.

Whilst things like advertising and TV exposure will massively increase for the winning country and the majority of players alike, each rugby board often offer up a bonus incentive for their nation if they win. For example, England’s bonus pool is a reported $4.4 million which will be distributed between players and staff members. To cover these costs they place the wagers on their team winning the overall tournament to compensate due to the lack of prize money.

Rivalling that of the World Cup is that of the Tri Nations and the Six Nations which are tournaments that host northern and southern hemisphere teams respectively. The Six nations compromises of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and France and is the highlight of the northern hemisphere international scene. The Tri Nations include Australia, South Africa and New Zealand and will compromise of three of the strongest playing test nations in the world.

Domestically the Heineken Cup is one of the largest tournaments for teams around Europe. The standard is often high as the teams battle it out over a gruelling group stage schedule before playing down to the winner who will lift the prestigious award. Betting is usually rife with this competition as the margins between all the teams are often slim. It’s highly likely the majority of domestic rugby betting will come from the Heineken Cup.

Rugby Betting Sites

As rugby betting continues to grow online, more and more bookmakers are offering up comprehensive markets with a host of betting platforms. It’s for this reason that it really just comes down the betting bonus that you can get from each rugby betting site. At Online Bookmaker we offer a range of betting sties all that each offers something a little different.

Rugby Betting Tips

Whilst in any form of betting there’s no such thing as a ‘sure thing’, but we take pride in our bets and have come up with a series of tips that you can apply to make your rugby betting experience a whole lot more profitable.

Check line ups – International games take up a big chunk of the domestic season with many teams being massively depleted as a result. The ‘bigger’ teams may have several players away meaning they are far from full strength compared to a ‘lesser’ team who may have few or none away, levelling the playing field up.

Take advantage of live betting – Rugby is a perfect sport to take advantage of live betting. The pace of the game makes it a good target to gain which team has the upper hand in the match and if the game is starting to swing at all. The live betting platforms are really growing on the rugby betting scene so you will even get competition for odds.

Use betting offers – As with any sport, it’s important to take advantage of as much free money as possible when betting. There are so many bookmakers with generous betting offers that betting without a bonus of some sort is burning money.

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Building your Strength

Being fit is not about building huge muscles. Unfortunately that is what everyone assumes and so when you go to the gym you find most people lifting weights so that they can build muscles. The most important thing when it comes to sports is having a strong body. Body strength is not only a function for the muscles but your motor system and there are several methods to increase your body’s strength.

Lift heavy

Lifting heavy (> 90% 1RM) will improve strength by recruiting what are called high-threshold motor units. The muscle fibers associated with these motor units have the most potential for increasing strength. However, they fatigue quickly. Maximal lifting is best applied to multijoint exercises (e.g., squats, deadlifts, presses, and pulls). Even though the weight is heavy, your intent should be to move the weight as fast as possible. This will ensure you’re recruiting as many fast-twitch muscle fibers as possible.

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Most of the times when you exercise you are on your feet. You should therefore engage in exercises that make your leg stronger so that you are not prone to falls. Is there too much exercising? Yes there is but you should listen your body.

What exercises are good for preventing falls?

Exercises that improve leg strength, balance and co-ordination can help people maintain and improve their muscle mass and avoid falls as they get older.

Examples of leg-strengthening exercises include:

  • Tai chi
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Walking up stairs
  • Hiking
  • Lifting weights

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How can I tell if I’m doing enough?

For an activity to be muscle-strengthening, it needs to work your muscles to the point where you may need a short rest before continuing. For example, if you’re lifting weights, you would have to put the weight down after doing a number of lifts before carrying on.

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As said before it is not about the weight you lift but how many times can you lift it. Most people believe that bigger is better but actually repetition is best. Another simple way of getting stronger is by skipping rope.

1.Number of Repetitions

Weight training is very useful for bodybuilders. When building muscles you will need to concentrate on lifting the highest weight possible. However, if you are trying to build endurance, you will need to concentrate on lifting the weight as many times as possible. Repetitions will get your body used to lifting the weight. Try to lift for more repetitions, rather than increasing the weight straight away. A great idea is to keep a record of how many repetitions and which weight you have lifted every time. Try to increase this every time you work out.


Hopping can be used to work on certain muscles and also improve endurance. This will also coordinate your foot, ankle, calf and hip muscles. This is a perfect exercise for anyone who is training to run. This is because the movements between muscles are very similar to when running. Hop as fast as you can for 20 seconds. Then swap feet and repeat on the other leg. You can also slightly adjust this by bouncing from one foot to the other.

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