Interesting Incidents of Celebrities And Their Hoverboards

Celebrities are not immune to the allure of the hoverboard. A lot of them are seen riding on boards in public. Some are probably doing it as brand endorsements but some do really like traveling with the hoverboards. A number of celebrities also own several kinds and models.

Most of the celebrities riding the hoverboard in public are young and male. But there are several female ones as well. Once in a while, news will come out involving certain celebrities while on their electric boards. Here are some interesting incidents of celebrities and their hoverboards.

Wiz Khalifa

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is very fond of his golden hoverboard. He liked it so much that he rode on it inside the Los Angeles International Airport. Unfortunately, security was not too pleased with him riding it inside the LAX. The rapper was allegedly tackled and forced down the floor to get him off the hoverboard. Khalifa maintained he did not violate any law or rules by bringing the board inside. But despite his protests, he was arrested by the authorities.

Kendel Jenner

The model posted an Instagram of her with the hoverboard. Unfortunately, the photo showed her almost falling down from the board. The video initially showed her gliding around her apartment. Near the end, she tripped and almost fell out of the board. Still, Jenner’s enthusiasm with the hoverboard has not diminished. Incidentally, her hoverboard misadventure got her more than a million likes and thousands of comments on Instagram.

Dan Uggla

The professional baseball player’s experience has a memorable albeit painful one with the hoverboard. He fell off the hoverboard and his arm injuries needed a trip to the hospital. Much to Uggla’s chagrin, her daughter was a better hoverboard driver than he is. He posted a picture of himself with his “battle scars” on Twitter. It seems baseball is a much safer sport than riding the hoverboard.

Mike Tyson

The former heavyweight boxer was knocked out several times during his time in the ring. But the latest to knock him down to the floor was the hoverboard. His short Instagram video showed the boxing legend enjoying his ride. As he moved forward, he made a misstep which caused to fall down from the hoverboard. At least the board did not knock him out cold.

Brandi Glanville

The “Real Housewives” reality star lost no time informing her Twitter followers about her painful experience with the hoverboard. Her injured hand required six stitches and she showed a photo to prove it. She had to endure the pain since she was allergic to painkillers. On the other hand, the antibiotics prevented her from using alcoholic drinks as a pain reliever.


These incidents simply show that celebrities themselves are not immune to falls and injuries from hoverboards. But these mishaps make the news because they involve famous people. Celebrities also need to exercise common sense and caution since you need to balance yourself on the board. Some of the celebrities laugh off the mishaps but others received painful souvenirs from their hoverboard rides.

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