Hoverboard Riding Tips for Beginners

riding a hoverboard

Hoverboard riding is tricky for those who have not tried it yet. We have seen numerous videos of riders falling spectacularly off the hoverboards. Some of them simply laugh and rise back up again but others are not so lucky. Injuries are common and the most serious ones require medical attention.

The prospect of getting hurt can discourage people from trying out the hoverboard. This is unfortunate if they missed out on the joy of riding one. Fortunately, a number of experts listed some easy steps to learn to ride the board. Here are some hoverboard riding tips for newbies.

How to Step on the Hoverboard
1. Switch on the hoverboard and make sure that it has enough power to carry your around. Otherwise, charge it first.
2. Put the hoverboard on the ground with the LED lights facing you.
3. Some boards have ride modes that include settings for Beginners. If it’s available, set it to that mode.
4. Put the dominant foot first on the hoverboard. Make sure that the board is in an upright and level position.
5. Lift the other foot and step on the hoverboard, keep each foot to the far side of the board and maintain a wide stance. Take note that a narrow stance will tend to increase your chances of falling down.
6. With both feet on the hoverboard, just relax and enjoy the sensation. The board also helps in maintaining your balance. As a precaution, position the board near a wall or anything that you can hold on just in case.

How to Ride the Hoverboard
By now, you are already comfortable and used to balancing yourself with the hoverboard. The next step is to learn how to move forward and backward.
1. To move forward, simply lean forward.
2. Likewise to move backward, lean backward.
Moving the hoverboard is pretty much straight forward. The important thing is to maintain a stable and balanced stance on the hoverboard. Newbies may feel a slight wobble with their first few ride attempts. Practice moving forward and backward until it becomes natural to you. The next step is learning the turns.

How to Turn the Hoverboard
Turning the hoverboard also requires practice especially for newbies.
1. To turn the hoverboard to the right, push the left foot forward.
2. To turn the hoverboard to the left, push the right foot forward.

How to Spin the Hoverboard
The foot pressure is also responsible for the twisting motion that spins the hoverboard. To limit the chances of falling off, it is advisable for newbies to make slow, controlled spins at first. Once you get the hang of it, the spins could get faster. Master these basics before going on to perform much more complicated tricks.

Learning how to ride the hoverboard does not have to be difficult. You can only minimize the chances of falling off the board by taking simple precautions. Mastering the basic steps first before attempting the complex ones will keep you safe from possible injuries. It’s also the fastest way to become a pro at riding hoverboards.

The Top Best Places to Buy a Hoverboard

The hoverboard is huge right now. You could buy one from the mall or online store. Buying a hoverboard is easy but getting a high-quality one is much trickier. Despite the numerous brands available out there, most of them are actually the same. Many vendors simply order a batch from manufacturers overseas and pass it off as their own.

Problems arise when something goes wrong with the hoverboard you bought. Poor quality products tend to break down in a matter of weeks or days. If you complain to the vendor, various excuses are given. You can prevent these ugly scenarios from happening by buying from a reputable source in the first place. Here are the top and best places to buy a hoverboard.

Amazon Has Protection for Buyers

Amazon is clearly the best platform if you want to buy a hoverboard online. There are literally all kinds of brands models available there. The best thing about Amazon is its return policy. If the item received is different from the one listed on Amazon, you can simply return it. This policy protects customers from getting short-changed.

There are also instances where hoverboard vendors offer substantial discounts. Such opportunities are worth taking since they mean big savings. Still, buyers should exercise caution before getting a hoverboard from Amazon. If you are unsure about the product, read its review first. A lot of positive reviews indicate that the hoverboard is of high quality.

Get it From a Trusted Hoverboard Brand

There are many hoverboards brands available out there. But only a handful of them are trusted by many electric scooter riders. We can’t recommend a specific hoverboard brand or store. Before buying a particular brand, you could research about its trustworthiness online. Plenty of positive or negative reviews will indicate the brand’s perception to many buyers.

Another sign of the brand’s trustworthiness is the warranty it offers. A number of reputable hoverboard vendors can offer a warranty period of up to one year. Their customers’ services are not only courteous but also helpful. There are actually several of them right now but you can choose which the best vendors are.

eBay is Has Some Reputable Brands Too

eBay is also an online commerce platform just like Amazon. Unfortunately, not all of the hoverboard they sell there come from a reputable brand or vendor. You can shop here if you can’t find a suitable hoverboard at Amazon. Read the board description and terms carefully, especially if you are buying a used hoverboard. It also helps if the seller offers some of warranty or guarantee.

There are plenty of places where one can buy a hoverboard. But it’s risky especially if the board has no warranty and return policy. Amazon, eBay and a number of reputable hoverboard dealers are the preferred choices for the protection they give to the buyer. Hoverboards are also not cheap and getting stuck with a worthless one is no fun at all. For now, these are only the safest places to get a hoverboard from.